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IoT Solution for Temperature Monitoring


A leading manufacturer of construction tools and technologies faced a challenge in maintaining the appropriate temperature for their chemical anchor paste. The products were stored in warehouses and stores that were susceptible to temperature fluctuations, which could impact the quality of the product. The company required a solution to monitor the temperature conditions of their stores and warehouses in real-time, alerting the store manager in case of a temperature threshold breach. 


Assimilatus assisted the company in implementing an IoT solution to monitor the temperature conditions of their stores and warehouses. The solution comprised of temperature and humidity sensors, connected to a Wi-Fi network. The sensors collected data, transmitted to an Android or iOS app every hour, displaying the average, minimum, and maximum temperature. In the event of a temperature threshold breach, the app sends a notification to the store manager, enabling them to take corrective action.


The IoT solution implemented by Assimilatus provided several benefits, including:

  • Maintains quality of products by ensuring correct temperature storage.

  • Provides real-time visibility of temperature conditions to store owners, enabling them to take corrective action if required.

  • Facilitates reactive maintenance for the indoor climate system, ensuring optimal functioning and efficiency.


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