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Experience the “Art of Connection” with IoT's Expertise!

What is IoT solution and services in Assimilatus?

The IoT solution comprises of four distinct components… 


Firstly, it involves selecting the appropriate device, such as determining the suitable sensor and ensuring compatibility with the gateway to receive the sensor data accurately. In addition, establishing a reliable network is crucial for optimal data reception and remote IoT operations. The third aspect involves utilizing cloud technology for data storage and analysis. Finally, a back-end analysis is performed using a platform, which then provides feedback to the front-end sensors for automatic operation in the cloud. This often includes manual operations such as adapting to various mobile devices and programming.


  • Are you seeking to learn about IoT but unsure where to begin? 

  • Are you looking for a more efficient and streamlined approach? 

  • Are you burdened by redundant data collection systems?

  • Do you struggle to utilize vast amounts of data to tackle complex problems? 

  • Or, perhaps you're grappling with non-visualized data and searching for insights into trends and patterns of change.


Look no further than IoT Solutions, a comprehensive strategy and tailored approach designed to meet your specific needs and address your unique challenges with precision and effectiveness.


IoT services encompass a broad spectrum of topics aimed at maintaining and monitoring various systems. These services can be utilized separately in diverse IoT environments, such as monitoring and reporting on back-end data from devices. In addition, IoT services encompass device installation and identification and the design of tailored analytics to optimize IoT device operations.


To be more specific, IoT services offer different areas:

  • Planning

  • Requirements Elicitation &

  • Analysis

  • Technology Planning (LoRa, 6LoWPAN, LTE CAT,BLE)

  • Device Planning & Testing

  • Business Process & Technology

  • Modeling

  • Platform Consulting

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We are dedicated to using IoT to enhance the quality of life for people everywhere. Our expertise is, including...

  • Cellular Data Procurement

  • IoT Backend Setup & Configuration

  • Domestic & International Wireless Billing

  • IoT Application Development

  • Advanced Understanding of Enterprise IoT Requirements

  • A Network of IoT Manufacturers & Technology Partners

So, whether it's streamlining operations, delivering personalized experiences, or ensuring safety, our commitment to using IoT technology is unwavering. We are here to create a better world for everyone, and we believe that the power of IoT will be key in making this vision a reality.

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