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IoT Implementation for Smart Condos and Property


Our client wanted to implement IoT to optimize the ventilation system and make their condos and property smarter. However, during the installation and verification process, several issues arose. The data stream from devices and sensors was irregular, and a lot of data packages were lost. Additionally, the battery life of the devices did not meet the specified duration.



To address these issues, our team conducted a pre-study of the current coverage situation. After analyzing the data from the pre-study, we developed a design plan for a connectivity solution that considered the type of connectivity, coverage, capacity, and quality of connectivity required. We then implemented the design by installing a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) as per the design plan. To verify the coverage and quality, we performed testing as per the design plan.







The IoT solution implemented by our team resulted in the following benefits for the client:

  • The battery life of devices was prolonged, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

  • The data stream was received continuously, ensuring the accuracy of the data collected.

  • No more data packages were lost, ensuring that the data collected was complete and useful.

Looking to implement IoT solutions for your smart condos or property?


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