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Innovation of Climate Batteries

How to make your Greenhouse work more effectively?

What is Greenhouse?


Greenhouses place an emphasis on precise control of plant growth in a constrained environment. Temperature, humidity, light, nutrients, and pests are all important factors to consider when growing plants. Growing yield will be a fatal concern for the farmer. Every greenhouse will face a challenge in maximizing output while working with limited resources.



















How IoT can help?


IoT technology is more than capable of precisely controlling data and monitoring value changes via sensors. IoT can be used to remotely operate and automatically switch on and off control devices in a greenhouse via internet links, reducing manpower waste and avoiding additional energy consumption to keep crops growing in conditions where data is insufficient. Under insufficient data, the additional energy consumed to ensure crop growth is avoided.


How Assimilatus work in Greenhouse?


Assimilatus provided more precise sensors are placed in the right places, in different orientations, and at different heights to form a data envelope that reflects data changes in a short period of time. Specifically, in our Greenhouse project, we have several temperature and humidity sensors placed throughout the greenhouse to calculate the temperature trapped at any given time. We used IoT to connect sensors, fans, and modules into a system that can be accessed and controlled remotely. When a temperature drop within a certain range is detected, the system will alert users and control the temperature by turning on the fan and using the warmth stored in the thermal batteries to warm up the air in the greenhouse.


As a result, users can keep the temperature at the desired level. Because of the large number of sensors installed in the greenhouse, the massive amount of data returned by the sensors must be continuously monitored and interpreted. Although the greenhouse is a controlled environment, professionals must read and analyze the data flows of daily changes in order to gain an understanding of the daily changes in the greenhouse. Assimiltus also includes the continuous collection of data and the maintenance of monitoring devices and sensors as our following IoT services. Because of the ongoing nature of the IoT system, the IoT service can be performed independently and does not interfere with the normal operation of the existing IoT system.

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