• IoT Solutions

    Set your business for the fast paced technological change with IoT solutions provided by Assimilatus Technologies. They enable your business to connect with other IoT enabled businesses using our technologically advanced solutions.
    The IoT solutions provided by Assimilatus Technologies are spindled around your organization’s products and services so that the solution can be optimized to the specific needs of your business. They have a team of highly professional communication engineers who are well versed with the use of IoT Technologies and their implementation. The solution entails taking into account the company product/servicee…

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  • IoT as Service

    If you are a business organization that is looking for an IoT service without having to spend a fortune setting up the platform and engaging peripherals that help you communicate with your devices (both connected and unconnected).
    If you are a company that is related to consumer products or any other company that wants to give its customers the best of everything possible. While you do not want to invest heavily in R&D, nor do you want to set up an entire unit that caters to the research and analysis of consumer data. IoT as a service is your best shot in knowing your consumer preferences, the best times of usage, and how to maximize their usage of your product…

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  • IOT / IT / Telecom Consulting

    Not all businesses are savvy of IT, the same thing applies to the knowledge of IoT and Telecommunication services and channels. But that does not mean that these companies cannot or should not leverage the power of such technologies for their business. After all these are the technologies that are required to bring about sustainable growth among their products and services by connecting their organization to the consumer in real time.
    Having said this, not every company has the time and capital to invest in various services and equipment for trial and error. Since IT, IoT and Telecommunication equipment is costly, investment in them should be a well thought out process..

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  • Wireless Infrastructure

    For any company that wants to conduct business in the online world it is essential to be connected to the internet. Frankly speaking, without an internet connection there can be no online business whatsoever. And if you have the best internet infrastructure but fail to get a connection at the right time with the right speed, you just can’t do anything with the infrastructure.
    Understanding how crucial it is to have a working internet connection and one that gives you the right bandwidth and speed at the right time, Assimilatus Technologies makes it possible for your business to go online. With Assimilatus Technologies at your side, your business can go online and flourish without a worry…

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Our Clients

Over the past years working towards providing consulting, IoT Service and IoT solutions to our ever growing list of clients we have become synonymous with quality and high expertise when it comes to IT, IoT and Telecommunication models, services and solutions. Given under are our most highly valued clients that are a source of our pride and keeps us innovating our ways to do better and better.

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