IoT Solution


IOT or Internet of Things basically refers to the network of interconnected
physical devices and mechanical objects that are embedded with network
connectivity, sensors and software which enables them to collect and
exchange data. Internet of Things solutions are creating opportunities for more
direct integration of physical devices with computing systems, allowing objects
to be controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure. These
devices require IOT mobile apps and integration to connect and communicate
with other devices, which essentially acts as a data interface. By greatly
reducing human intervention and gathering data from diverse locations,
Internet of Things services is resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy.


IOT platforms serve as a bridge between the data networks and connected devices’ sensors, enabling the IOT device to receive the transmitted information and data using a secure internet transfer protocol. At Assimilatus, our expert development team offers seamless Internet of Things services using the following top IOT platforms:

  • iOS HomeKit platform

  • Google’s Nest platform

  • Samsung’s SmartThings platform

  • IBM Watson IOT Services

  • Microsoft IOT Services

  • Amazon IOT Services.



Assimilatus is a leading IOT solutions provider. We are empowering companies to connect and scale efficiently by enabling them to deliver innovative IOT powered solutions. Our IOT application development is enabling companies to bridge the gap between the real and digital world through a completely new experience. We are proud to have some of the finest IOT services engineers in our talented development team who are focused on innovative design and development. Internet of things services is enabling companies to succeed by transforming their business processes, network infrastructure and operational models. Our expert team has worked on many IOT related projects, building end to end internet of things solutions. The entire spectrum of services Assimilatus offers include consultation, development and integration of IOT services.

Our Clients

Over the past years working towards providing consulting, IoT Service and IoT solutions to our ever growing list of clients we have become synonymous with quality and high expertise when it comes to IT, IoT and Telecommunication models, services and solutions. Given under are our most highly valued clients that are a source of our pride and keeps us innovating our ways to do better and better.

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